Why Use Transit Advertisings

Why Use Transit Advertising

Why Use Transit Advertising

What is Transit Advertising

Where do you advertise when you want to reach everybody? Transit advertising–placement of print ads on buses and other vehicles and in bus shelters and train stations–is an important medium for reaching an audience of all ages, backgrounds and incomes. You are not just addressing riders with these “moving billboards.” You are reaching families and professionals in their vehicles, students shopping or right on campus, and tourists finding their way around town. Transit advertising is a type of out-of-home (OOH) or outdoor billboard advertising that is found on the outside or inside of public vehicles like buses, trains, subways, cabs and also in the transit terminals/stations.

ANDRO MEDIA understands that sustained competitive advantage depends on a successful balance between meeting consumer and shareholder expectations.

Based upon the product or service that you want to advertise, transit advertising can be a very beneficial method of your marketing plan.

Why Use Transit Advertisings

Why Use Transit Advertising

No one Can Ignore!

There’s something magical about those bus and cab advertisements. Your audience will just not be able to evade your advertisement by changing channels, or fast-forwarding like they can do while watching TV or listening to the radio. Moreover, when a person is sitting on a train or a bus, it’s just impossible to ignore your ad because it’s hanging right in front of them all the time!

They All Are There, You Just Need To Grab!

With transit advertisement, you can target a wide range of audience of different ages and income groups. Based on your product/service that you offer, you can also target families, tourists, professionals, or students.

Long Exposure!

That’s one of the biggest advantages of a transit ad. An average ride on public transport lasts for 30 minutes where passengers have nothing else to do and nowhere to go. They spend the time viewing advertisements that are around. Your advertisement gets the chance of a longer exposure with enough time to get registered in their minds with an increased recall value.

Frequency At No Extra Cost!

Most daily commuters travel on fixed routes at scheduled times in buses or trains, meaning they get to see your ad repeatedly. If someone is taking the same subway or the same bus line or train twice a day, it’s possible that the person might see your ad at least 20-25 times in a month! The more exposure, better are the chances that your ad creates a permanent impression on their mind, and in turn serving your purpose.

You Can Be Just In Time!

Many shoppers use public transport while going shopping. So Buses running along the route of a particular shopping area carrying your advertisement could help in making your ad timely and appropriate to draw the attention of such people.

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