bench advertising

Why bench advertising ?

Why bus bench advertising ?

ANDROMEDIA is expert in Outdoor advertising since many years. Outdoor advertising includes Bus Advertisement, Digital Board Advertisement, Bench Advertisement, Pole Kiosk Advertisement, Mobile Hoardings Advertisement and Hoarding Advertisement. Outdoor advertising has another advantage, which is cost, opening the door for all advertisers whether small or large.

If you’re a small business, you know how hard it can be to compete with big businesses when it comes to advertising. But Outdoor advertising like bench advertising helps to get your business in eye of people. So most of business choose this for advertising.


Advantages of Bench Advertisement


Compared to other forms of advertising, cost per ad is less. The cost effectiveness of bench advertising is at the top of the advantage column.

24/7 coverage

Like billboards, bench advertise work for you and your business around the clock. So it is more effective in business point of view.


Andromedia take care of all bench and ground maintenance, so you have peace of mind know your ad is always looking its best.

Bench ad is seen by early morning commuters all the way to city nightlife crowds. Therefore this is a huge benefit compairing to other forms of advertising like TV and Internet can’t be viewed 24/7. Unlike print or broadcast advertising, bench advertising can be targeted to specific geographic areas.

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