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Types of advertisement | Bus advertisement | Cinema advertisement

Types of advertisement

In any business, advertisement is the main factor. ANDRO MEDIA will make the presence of your business be seen, heard, and felt.  ANDRO MEDIA provides all Types of advertisement namely Bus Advertisement, Cinema Advertisement, Digital Board Advertisement, Bench Advertisement, Pole Kiosk Advertisement, Mobile Hoardings Advertisement, Hoarding Advertisement, and Mall Advertisement.

1. Bus Advertisement

 A bus advertisement is a popular advertisement since many years. Therefore it is best to advertise using Bus advertisement.

bus advertisement

2. Cinema Advertisement

Now-a-days, more brands are using cinema advertising in order to reach the target audience. Cinema advertising is a great way to put your message in front of the seated audience.


3. Mobile Hoarding Advertisement

ANDRO MEDIA has a team that will provide the mobile van hoarding to boost the business. Mobile advertisement is the popular and effective advertisement.

Types of advertisement

4. Digital Billboard Advertisement

Digital boards are the most time-sensitive & flexible form of outdoor advertising. Digital boards allow advertisers to change messages throughout a day. So ANDRO MEDIA will help you make your business reach the audience.

Types of advertisement

5. Mall Advertisement

As many people go to malls for shopping,therefore mall advertisement is the best option for advertising the product. ANDRO MEDIA helps customers to enhance the business by making the posters attractive and catchy to eyes.

ANDRO MEDIA helps to make the business catchy. Along with the business, advertisement is the main thing in the business.

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