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Hoarding Advertising of your choice

Hoarding Advertising is the most preferred OOH or outdoor advertising media today to reach a wide audience .it is very effective medium of advertising. Hoarding advertising or OOH advertising is created  that way so, in the blink of an eye you are capturing attention, Communicate a message and get on. like crossing Roads or while Driving car or motorbike you can look at the advertisement and decipher the motive of advertisement in one look.

ANDRO MEDIA Solutions creates eye catching advertisement. Our main principal is to create an effective advertisement to inform, to persuade and to remind customers about brand or with the help  of clients we make proper plan .Our goal is to create advertisement in which the message needs to be simple [less than 7-8 words], Using alleviating color and style , there  should be one point of contact , Focusing on Audience .

Here are the different formats and channels that advertisers :

Print advertising and posters
Newspapers and magazines
Outdoor ads and billboards
Public transit ads
Radio & TV commercials
Sponsorship of TV shows and events

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