Let’s face it; advertising is all about being noticed. At ANDRO MEDIA we are not about conformity and obscurity. If you want presence in the market place, ANDRO MEDIA will make your presence be seen, heard, and felt.
ANDRO MEDIA devises eye catching advertising concepts and presentations, and effectively manages the dynamics of structure and content, to ensure that every advertising presentation supports the clients’ objectives.
Our graphic artists are experienced and talented individuals that employ styles ranging from the best of modern, contemporary, and traditional, and utilise the latest technologies including state-of-the-art special effects software.
Our Production personnel are experienced in design, fabrication and installation procedures and ensure that quality advertising products result for each and every project.
Bus Advertising

Bus Advertisement


Digital Board Advertisement

Cinema Advertising

Cinema Advertisement


Bench Advertisement

pole kiosk Advertising

Pole Kiosk Advertisement

Mobile Hoardings

Mobile Hoardings Advertisement

Hoarding Advertisement

Hoarding Advertisement

Mall Advertisement

Mall Advertisement

Television & Radio Production :

Our conceptual development and pre-production expertise is utilised in order to ensure that the use of air time is consistent with campaign strategy, and that client needs will be achieved.
Local and/or International production specialists are engaged according to the complexity and budget parameters of each campaign.

Media Planning and Placement :

ANDRO MEDIA has full media accreditation which enables us to undertake media placements on behalf of our clientele. We have excellent relationships with all media houses and can negotiate better rates and/or prime locations at all times, as well as receiving early opportunities with media specials.
The team at ANDRO MEDIA ensures a sound knowledge of a client’s consumer base. We will critique and recommend a media schedule that takes demographics and the watching, reading and listening habits of consumers into consideration.
Our media scheduling is driven by the appropriateness of the style of placement to the relevant listening and/or viewing audience.
That’s what makes ANDRO MEDIA a success story – we tailor media planning to your business.